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Fractional Co2 Laser Vaginal

Rebuild the collagen of the vaginal walls, enhances the sensitivity of the vaginal receptors and contracts existing vaginal tissue, increasing vaginal tightness and improving sexual satisfaction. The CO2 laser is a technology widely used in Gynecology to treat the intimate area of women.



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It emits 10600nm co2 laser to vagina mucosa and muscular tissue generates extensive and regular thermal effect to get instant tightening and lifting result. At the same time it creates a large amount of extreme tiny peeling hole which will improve the vagina lasting elasticity. These peeling hole will stimulate massive fibrocytes regeneration and tighten the vagina. The patented comfort technology ensures non-invasive and safety. Doctors and patients will choose the treatment instead of surgical method. It will resurface the vagina mucosa and reduce the risk proportion of chronic disease. The treatment with CO2 laser has a medical and aesthetic purpose and its main objective is to improve the quality of the functional and sexual life of the patients, and their esthetics.

co2 laser for vaginal treatment principle


  • Vagina loosing improvement
  • Vulvar hypertrophy treatment
  • Vaginitis treatment
  • Vagina health care
  • Vulvar pigment lesions

co2 laser Vaginal before and after


1. Three modes of laser energy output are available: Ultra-Pulse, CW (Continuous Wave) and Fractional modes, providing a wide range of application.

2. Adopt RF-excited CO2 laser system of COHERENT, enabling the output quality more stable and service life longer (compared to ordinary CO2 laser installed with glass tubes)

3. Healing zone volume is adjustable, namely, the volume of spots is adjustable in a certain healing zone. Therapists can adjust the spot density/shape/size according to the needs of the healer.

4. Various spot volumes are suitable for different area of the body which maximally avoid the side-effect that results from the overlap of the spot, reduce the pain during treatment and satisfy different therapists unique request.

5. Red indicator light makes the operator's vision more clearly.

6. Large color touch screen is easy for operation.

7. Intelligent error reporting system ensures operating safety.


Laser Type RF-excited ion laser
Wave Length 10600nm
Power 40W
Operating Mode CW
Output Mode CW, Ultra pulse, Interval pulse
Spot Size Mode Single
Pulse Energy 8.3mJ-166mJ
Diameter of Focal Spot 100um-2000um
Pulse Width 0.1005ms-10.05ms
Scan Graphics Triangle/square/rectangle/diamond
Aiming Power <=5mw
Beam Transport Device Imported Korea 7 Joint Arm
Aiming Wave Length 635 nm
Number of Focal Spot (Square)36(6*6)144(12*12)
  576(24*24) (/cm2)
  ≈6.25% (144/cm2) ≈25% (576/cm2)
Area Calculation lcm*lcm 2cm*2cm 3cm*3cm
Pulse Duation lms-l00ms
Power Supply AC 220V±10%, 50Hz
Cooling System Air Cooling
Insurance Standard Max1OA
Input Power 600W

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