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808nm diode laser hair removal machine

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

To achieve permanent hair removal the laser system must be able to effectively treat the different hair types and colors as well as the various skin types while providing maximum skin protection. The laser's wavelength, pulse duration, energy and spot size determine the effectiveness of the treatment (on all skin types) and also influence the depth of penetration and treatment speed.



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As for 808 diode laser, it provides adjustable constant current through the microprocessor-controlled laser power module so that the high-power diode in the laser module converts electric energy into light energy and outputs continuous laser with the wavelength of 808nm. Then, the laser irradiates hair removal target tissue through the crystal and penetrates the skin surface into the root of hair follicle. And the light energy converts into heat energy which can destroy hair follicle tissue, leading to the removal of hair and loss of regenerative ability, as a result, achieving the goal of permanent hair removal.

At the same time, the appropriate pulse duration to the target tissue ensures its adequate thermal damage and the surrounding tissues are almost unaffected. The moderate energy density guarantees sufficient energy output in proper time so as to damage the target tissue and normal tissues are almost unaffected. Suitable skin protection measures provide enough damage to the target tissue , while the skin is protected, thus ensuring the safety of treatment.

diode laser treatment principle

Hair grows in different phases and not all at the same rate. This is why multiple sessions of laser hair removal is necessary to achieve hair reduction. Targeting the hair in the appropriate stage of growth with thermal damage from the laser is how effective hair reduction is achieved.


Hair removal of arm, armpit, leg, bikini and lip.

diode laser treatment before and after


1. 808nm wavelength laser is in the 0.75 ~ 1.50μm spectrum near the infrared range (the best area for melanin absorption) and can work on the dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, accordingly, the hair of different parts and different depths can be treated.

2. Square large spot laser outlet can achieve large area hair removal and improve efficiency.

3. Alarm system of water flow, water temperature and man-made operation error can stop the machine in the first time to protect the operator and the operated.

4. The plug-pull module for the integration of water and electricity imported from USA ensures the stability of energy.

5. The light outlet is made of sapphirine, which has long service life and can maintain the skin surface temperature between 0 ~ 4℃, making the treatment comfortable and painless.


Laser Type Diode Laser
Laser Wavelength 808nm
Power 600W
Controller 8'5 Color Touch LCD Display
Spot Size 12*12mm2
Pulse Width 1~400ms(Adjustable)
Energy 2~100J/cm2(Adjustable)
Frequency 1-10Hz
Cooling System Air+Semiconductor Cooling System+Water
Cooling Temperature 0~4oC
Size 40CM*46CM*60CM
Weight 65Kg
Power Supply 110V/220V,50Hz,10A
Remark 600W Macro Channel


1. Automatic Self-Checking and Alarm System:

Instead of the operator constantly observing and recording the process parameters, the machine will issue a warning when the water volume in the water tank is too small or the water temperature is too high, and can continue to use according to the operation prompts.

Automatic Self-Checking and Alarm System


2. Laser Handpiece:

overcomes the limits of other IPL technology for hair removal. Lighter and finer hair removal is more easily possible with the better targeting capabilities. provides a fast, comfortable hair removal treatment that can be used on small and large areas.

diode laser handpiece


3. An advanced cooling technology that cools the skin during treatment for longer periods of time. The ICE tech cold sapphire tip minimizes the risk of burns on the skin surface while maintaining heat within the dermis where hair follicles are treated. Contact Cooling increases patient comfort, making treatments more enjoyable than ever before.

diode laser cooling technology


4. The Pmise 808nm diode laser handpiece is designed with a fully enclosed silver plated high energy transfer chamber and tailored to the condition being treated and computer-enabled system recognition for enhanced safety and ease-of use.

808nm diode laser handpiece

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