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Magic Bubble

A large number of active oxygen bubbles are generated by machine , which accelerates blood circulation while cleaning pores and dirt, promotes the activation of high-quality epidermal cells, decomposes keratin and necrotic cells and precipitates melanin to make the skin even and clear.



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Both face and body can be used, it is not only clean and whitening, Active Oxygen Physicochemical principle can deeply sterilize the body and face.

Deodorization, sputum, the effect of activating cells to remove acne marks.

It can discharge excess cosmetic residue and heavy metals in the body, so that the skin is free from infection, water and oxygen are sufficient, dermal collagen is well formed, and melanin production is reduced.


1, Deep Cleansing, Hydrating and Nourishing
2, Activate cells, anti-inflammatory sterilization
3, Removal of heavy metals and cosmetic residues
4, Reduce acne marks, whitening skin tone
5, Reduce melanin production
6, Promote better generation of dermal collagen


1, Can be operated in any position

2, No need to waste water , save time

3, Bubble safety is not irritating

4, On the spot , the skin is bright and white, and the effect is fast and good.

5, Can be used on the whole body

6, Do not need to clean after washing directly absorb


Active Oxygen 0-10mg adjustable
Air Flow 0-100 adjustable 
Timer 0-30mins adjustable 
Power indicator Yes
Active Oxygen indicator Yes
Power AC 110/220V


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