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IPL SHR Hair Removal Machine

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is a kind of high strength light, which can permeate epidermis to the derma. Utilizing the selective absorption elements, the light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. It achieves the purpose of removing unexpected hair and destory the hair follicles.


Pmise-L01 / Pmise-L02

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IPL (Intense pulse light) therapy is a laser treatment which is used for permanent hair removal and wrinkle removals, freckles and aging. The IPL is different with other lasers as it can be used on different wavelengths unlike other laser which work on single wavelengths. The light energy which is targeted changed into heat energy. IPL is a non-invasive treatment which is used all around the globe. The intense pulse light targets the lower layer for the skin without targeting or affecting the upper area of the skin. IPL is mainly use d for permanent Hair Removal.

ipl hair removal treatment principle

Hair grows in different phases and not all at the same rate. This is why multiple sessions of laser hair removal is necessary to achieve hair reduction. Targeting the hair in the appropriate stage of growth with thermal damage from the laser is how effective hair reduction is achieved.

430nm -1200nm

Acne Treatment

480nm -1200nm

Pigmentation therapy

530nm - 1200nm

Pigmentation therapy

560nm - 1200nm

Skin rejuvenation (whitening tender)

590nm - 1200nm

Vascular therapy

640nm - 1200nm

Hair removal (black hair)

690nm - 1200nm

Hair removal (brown and blond hair)

750nm - 1200nm

Hair removal (Curly)


  • Painless hair removal: Pmise IPL Laser is perfect in removing the light hair and safer for the dark-skinned, thus greatly increasing the people adopting this technology.
  • Wrinkle reduction: Remove shallow, moderate or severe wrinkles, shrink pores, improve skin texture and enhance skin elasticity.
  • Skin rejuvenation: Shrink pores, improve skin texture, enhance skin elasticity and repair the acne scar.
  • Skin pigmentosus lesions therapy: Freckle, freckle-like nevus (sunspots), seborrheic keratosis (senile plaques), spot nevus and pigmentation after inflammation.
  • Vascular lesions therapy: Redness, facial or chest flushing, hemangioma, port wine stains and varicose veins less than 3mm.
  • Acne therapy: Because of IPL Laser's special contraction to sebaceous glands, it's the preferred method for treating acne when combined with PMS-850 water oxygen therapy apparatus.

ipl hair removal before and after


1. Applying the most advanced OPT technology, Pmise OPT Laser is equiped with the adsorbable and sliding hair removal handpiece. making it the most popular beauty equipment in small and medium-sized beauty salon.

2. Furthermore, it makes hair removal efficient, safe, painless and low cost. It can completely remove the tiny hair, and greatly enhance the efficacy of acne removing, whitening, tightening pores and so on.

3. It is also excellent in the removal of epidermal spots-like pigment, such as freckles and freckles-like moles.

4. All in all, it boasts of its optimized performance, excellent efficacy, more comfortable treatment, ultra-long working hours and near-zero failure rate.

5. One curative effect is more than five times of the other.


  Pmise-L01 Pmise-L02 (Portable)
Wave Length 530-1200nm  640-1200nm(Option) 530-1200nm  640-1200nm
Energy Density 1-50J/cm2 1-50J/cm2
Spot Size


10*50mm(Option for Hair Removal)

8*40mm(Skin Rejuvenation)

10*50mm(Option for Hair Removal)

Pulse Width 1-9.9ms 1-9.9ms
Pulse Delay 1-99ms 1-99ms
Frequency 1-10hz 1-10hz
Operating Mode SHR(Super Hair Removal), SR(Skin Rejuvenation) SHR(Super Hair Removal), SR(Skin Rejuvenation)
Cooling System Air+Semiconductor Cooling System+Water Air+Semiconductor Cooling System+Water
Size 35*42*115cm 35*42*115cm
Weight 62Kg 65Kg
Power Supply 110 230V, 10A, 5OHz 110 230V, 10A, 5OHz
Safety Controller Automatic Self-Checking and Alarm System Automatic Self-Checking and Alarm System
Remark 1 Handpiece (Change Filter) or 2 Handpieces 1 Handpiece (Change Filter)

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