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Multifunctional IPL + Q-Switched ND:Yag Laser Machine

Multifunctional IPL + Q-Switched ND:Yag Laser Machine

This new model which makes IPL and Yag laser in one machine work perfect. It is not only service hair removal and skin care by IPL, but also treat of pigmented lesions and tattoo removal. IPL +Q-Switched ND:Yag Laser Machine offer a wide array of treatment solutions and reduce discomfort and excellent results. They also allow to customize their treatment based on the most common performed in their clinic.


Pmise-L01 / Pmise-L02

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Wrinkle reduction: Remove shallow, moderate or severe wrinkles, shrink pores, improve skin texture and enhance skin elasticity.

Skin rejuvenation: Shrink pores, improve skin texture, enhance skin elasticity and repair the acne scar.

Painless hair removal: it is perfect in removing the light hair and safer for the dark-skinned.

Skin pigmentosus lesions therapy: Freckle, freckle-like nevus (sunspots), seborrheic keratosis (senile plaques), spot nevus and pigmentation after inflammation.

Vascular lesions therapy: Redness, facial or chest flushing, hemangioma, port wine stains and varicose veins less than 3mm.

Acne therapy: Because of OPT Laser's special contraction to sebaceous glands, it's the preferred method for treating acne when combined with Pmise-O01 water oxygen therapy apparatus.

Epidermal pigment: Body tattoo, eye line and brow taboo removal

Vessels disease: varicosity removal, capillary hemangioma

Laser facial: Oil control, skin rejuvenation, skin pore improvement

Dermal pigment: birthmark, coffee spot age pigment, freckle


  • (1) Everlasting hair removal:
  • (2) Pigmentation treatment:
  • (3) Telangiectas treatment:
  • (4) Acne treatment:
  • (5) Shrink porestighten skin improve skin elasticity and glossiness.
  • (6) Eliminate and smooth wrinkles acne treatment.
  • (7) Remove kinds of colors tattoo.
  • (8) Remove pigment spotsbirthmark etc.
  • (9) Dispel age spot and beauty spots etc.
  • (10) Acne scar removal.
  • (11) Mole removal.
  • (12) Lip liner removal Eyeliner removal.


1. Multi-purpose,functional complementary, widely application, marvelous treatment effect.

2. Fast hair removal 5Hz sliding patent technology.

3. Powerful soft ware: the control screen plate can set energy as treatment which customers ask for.

4. Two Handles IPL +Nd yag laser.

5. 8 inch Color Touch LCD screen, humanized menu, easy operation.


  Pmise-L05 Pmise-L06
Handpiece(IPL) Spot size: 8x40mm , Wavelength: 640-1200nm/530-1200nm
Handpiece(ND YAG Laser) Diameter of Focal Spot:1-5mm, Wavelength:1064nm&532nm.
Pulse Width 1-9.9ms
Frequency OPT: 1-10Hz adjustable , Laser: 1-10Hz adjustable.
Power Supply AC 220V±10%, 50Hz
Operating Mode SHR(Super Hair Removal), SR(Skin Rejuvenation)
Cooling System Air Cooling, Water Cooling System
Power 1200W(IPL)  500W(ND YAG Laser) 2000W(IPL)  500W(ND YAG Laser)
Screen Touch-type 8-inch Diwen serial port
Work mode HR PR SR
Energy OPT:1-130J/cm2 Adjustable, Laser: 50-1200mj/cm2 adjustable
Size 45*41*114cm
Weight 45Kg

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